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A Life in the Theatre at The Barnstormers July 19-23

by The Barnstormers Theatre on July 10, 2011

This two-man comedy chronicles the on- and offstage friendship and rivalry between a young actor and his older mentor. Plays within a play contribute to a tender, witty look at theater from the inside out. Like tragicomic theater masks, playwright David Mamet exposes the pathos and humor of the acting life. Contact The Barnstormers for show times. Show logo by Janina Lamb.


Painting of Chocorua by Bill Fein

The Remick Country Doctor Museum and Farm is pleased to announce a new exhibit in its Swift River Gallery, “Portraits of Chocorua Mountain.”

“Portraits of Chocorua Mountain” will be displayed through July and August and features an eclectic arrangement of art work. These portraits speak of today and yesterday through the eyes of artists from all over the Mt. Washington Valley. The mystery and legends still live on through the expression of paintings, photography, stone and ceramics. Anyone who has ever gazed at the many faces of the mountain will testify to the ever-changing majesty that graces the Sandwich Range

For more information please call the Museum’s Visitor Center at (603) 323-7591. The Remick Museum and Farm is located at 58 Cleveland Hill Road in Tamworth Village.