Don't Miss Gráda Tonight

Tickets for Gráda will be available at the door at Salyards Center for the Arts on Main Street in Conway Village from 6:00 PM on. Show starts at 7:30; cash bar (beer and wine) available. Here's what one patron had to say about this band: "Brilliant performers... . Good to great set of tunes... . The type of Irish/Celtic/Breton music I like... . Alan is a hoot with the jokes,  a fantastic flute and drum player... Gerry is liable to be wearing pants from the planet Mars... Nicola should play the fiddle more... Andrew is the best stand up bass player I have ever seen... the jury is still out on the new fiddle player but he appears to be fitting in nicely with the group. I recommend you go see them." We recommend it too. For more info about this performance click here.