Traditional Roots Music Week at World Fellowship Center, July 5-12

Seth Austen and Beverly Woods write: We're really excited about the first annual Traditional Roots Music Week coming up July 5-12 at World Fellowship Center in Albany, NH. We've wanted to do this workshop for quite a while and the partnership with World Fellowship Center is a perfect match. We'll be exploring various strains of traditional instrumental and vocal folk music: music of, by & for the people. Not just entertainment, this music has helped build communities, tell the news and sound calls to political action. Our emphasis is on singing and playing together. During the week, we'll teach traditional folk songs, fiddle tunes, how to learn by ear, group and harmony singing, playing your instrument in an old time string band, jamming skills, creative backup, improvisation and more. Styles include Appalachian, blues, old time bluegrass, shape note and New England contradance music.

We'll also explore the folk process, how songs change as they travel from regions and generations, and some of the history around them. Some coaching will be available on individual instruments including fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo, autoharp, dulcimer, piano, etc. There will be various opportunities to play together through the week, culminating in homemade music and dance parties on the weekend. We hope you will join us for a wonderful week of singing and playing traditional music in the White Mountains. Whether you are just starting or have been playing for years, this camp will help you move to the next level in a supportive community atmosphere.