First Wednesday Night Recital at Surroundings this evening, July 8, and: Musicians Wanted

Another opportunity to hear live music in the area this summer. Don Sutton of Surroundings Art Gallery in Sandwich, NH, hosts a recital series that is similar in spirit to the Arts Council of Tamworth's summer Art Show & Sale: an opportunity for local musicians to share their work with their community and for the community to be aware of all the diverse talents among us. Don writes: We are once again going to host Wednesday Night Recitals during July and August. The intent of these events is to showcase some of the wonderful musical talent we have in the area in a small, intimate setting. These are not professional "gigs", but rather non-professionals who enjoy sharing their gift with the community or emerging professionals who need a little exposure. Or in the case of some emerging professionals, it is an opportunity to gain some exposure to the community. Last year we had the opportunity to hear several pianists (Nixon Bicknell, Nick Nichols, Noelle Beaudin, Tom Robinson, Mary Fleischmann), jazz combos (Tom Robinson, Trish Holland), and performances by students from the New Hampshire Independent School of Music. A real delight was when Jerry Butters said he would fill in for Nick Nichols and stunned the audience with his keyboard skills on the piano. He had never played in public, but was wonderful.

Shepley Metcalf, Mary Fleischmann, and Trish Holland are already on the schedule for this year and we will once again have performances by students from the New Hampshire Independent School of Music. But we are still looking for others who may be interested. Please contact me at 284-6888 if you are interested. The evenings are relaxed and fun and a great way to gain confidence in performing in public. But more importantly, it is an opportunity for the community to witness and celebrate the tremendous performing arts capability that surrounds us.

Tonight's performance will be by the Youth Chamber Group of the NH Independent School of Music. These young musicians are working very hard to develop their musical skills. These experiences will last a lifetime for them. If you ever played an instrument as a youngster, I bet you can remember times that you played for the public. We are very proud to support their development in this small way. Come and enjoy seeing this next generation flourish.

Next Wednesday, July 15, will provide you with an opportunity to hear one of the country's best composer-pianists. David Feurzeig will provide us with a mixture of classical and popular music such as ragtime and jazz. He has found that these juxtapositions, peppered with informative and humorous commentary, create eye- and ear-opening programs that will change how you hear all kinds of music. Sounds like he has done this before. You bet—and we are extremely lucky to have him as part of the extended Sandwich community and for his willingness to perform in our back yard.