NH Commissioner of Cultural Resources Van McLeod on The Exchange this morning

Listen here to Commissioner McLeod's discussion with Laura Knoy about the state of NH's cultural resources, the need for volunteerism, and more. From the NHPR website:

As head of the State’s Department of Cultural Resources, McLeod oversees the Council of Arts, the Television and Film Office, the State Library, and the Division of Historical Resources. With major cuts to state cultural programs and resources, McLeod is hoping to set up a series of roundtables and discussions to figure ways to not only ride out the recession but find new opportunities. On September 11th, in response to President Obama’s call for Americans to recommit to the unity and compassion that brought us together eight years ago, McLeod plans to call on state cultural organizations to launch their own service campaigns. We talk with Van McLeod about the challenges his department faces, and his call to the cultural community.