In honor of the performance at The Barnstormers tonight...

...or in case you really wanted to see Hamlet and weren't able to:

And on a related note, came across this interesting evidence of the passions Shakespeare arouses (click on the image for the full details):

An excerpt:

According to Nigel Cliff in The Shakespeare Riots, the riots furthered the process of class alienation and segregation in New York City and America; as part of that process, the entertainment world separated into "respectable" and "working-class" orbits. As professional actors gravitated to respectable theaters and vaudeville houses responded by mounting skits on "serious" Shakespeare, Shakespeare was gradually removed from popular culture into a new category of highbrow entertainment, and Americans forgot why their forbears had taken to the streets in their thousands to support their actors of Shakespeare against the British. Though Edwin Forrest's reputation was badly damaged, his heroic style of acting can be followed through to the matinee idols of early Hollywood and performers like John Barrymore. Forrest's struggle with British acting, lethal though it became, nevertheless gave birth to the American star system."

Was it a tragedy?