Arts Council of Tamworth’s “12 Days of Christmas”

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Photo: Lori Lenart

Visit us here this holiday season for 12 days of exclusive content. ACT’s “12 Days” kicks off on Christmas Day with a few Christmas treats and the North American premiere of Albert Lamb’s radio play Algonquin Suite. Algonquin Suite follows the fortunes of English actors Neil and Edwina Canard, long the toast of London, as they arrive in New York, hoping to break into Broadway, in the final heady days before the Wall Street Crash of 1929. Lamb, a former resident of both Tamworth and Sandwich, stars as American songwriter Alec Limply, with Eleanor Holliday and Nicholas Allen in the roles of Edwina and Neil.

Algonquin Suite will run for several nights, and be followed by a series of ACT performances recorded live. Offerings will include the Back Bay Guitar Trio, GiveWay, Le Vent du Nord, Hanneke Cassel, Harry Manx, Red Molly, Gràda, Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem, and the Two Man Gentlemen Band. Visit daily to learn the fate of Neil and Edwina, and to enjoy hours of eclectic music. Listen while you can: the music will be taken down with the Christmas trees and the garlands on January 6th... ACT wishes you a peaceful, joyful holiday season and a Happy New Year.

Dana Cunningham & Carol Noonan. Photo: Lori Lenart

To view slide shows associated with each concert, click on the links to individual posts rather than viewing from the main page of the website.

1st of 12: A Weary World Rejoices 2004

1st of 12: The Algonquin Suite, Part 1

2nd of 12: The Algonquin Suite, Part 2

3rd of 12: The Algonquin Suite, Part 3

4th of 12: The Algonquin Suite, Part 4

5th of 12: The Algonquin Suite, Part 5

6th of 12: Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem

7th of 12: Red Molly

8th of 12: Harry Manx – September 24, 2005

9th of 12: GiveWay Takes Tamworth

10th of 12: The Cellist Wore Red Cowboy Boots

11th of 12: A North Wind Blows Through Tamworth

12th of 12: The Two Man Gentlemen Band