Chickens Galore! at The Community School

Posted for The Community School:

Those who value the preservation of our rich local heritage have long appreciated the fact that the lobby of The Community School is dedicated to showcasing the talents of area artists. This week a new exhibit debuts: a delightful assortment of paintings, drawings, and three dimensional representations of that familiar farmyard fowl, the humble chicken.

Seventeen different folks had a hand in creating this endearing exhibit. The Streeter family brought in a wooden hen house cut-away showcasing a proud rooster, his harem of hens, and a clutch of eggs in the laying box. "Buc-Buc-Buc," a silk scarf hand painted by Jay Rancourt, graces the wall by the front door, and paintings, needlework, greeting cards, and photographs fill the room. On the corner table is an antler-based lamp topped by one of Jennifer Allen's unique lampshades.

This exhibit is free and open to the public during normal school hours. Why not plan to come by on Thursday for The Farmer's Table lunch (don't forget to call ahead so we know how many to plan for), warm yourself by the wood stove, and enjoy this lively new exhibit on display.

Call for info or to let us know you'll be staying for lunch -- 323-7000.