12th of 12: The Two Man Gentlemen Band

It seems fitting to close out our 12 days of Christmas with our last show of 2009, The Two Man Gentlemen Band, live at The Brass Heart Inn. You can read Juno's post about this show, see pictures, and even video here.

All I can add is that as concert performances go, this one has everything going for it:

- It was show #175 of 175 in the course of a year,  putting the players in (theoretically) their best form. - The primary singer/guitarist/songwriter Andy Bean was leaving for India the very next morning, just adding to that "last day of school"  energy. - The band is used to playing in bars around New York City, but tonight they could see tweenage girls in the front row, so their performance does not include any of the Seven Words.

This show is full of metaphor,  double and triple entendre,  and flirts with the risque, but it will not harm small children or animals - DQ

Listen to the first set:

Listen to the second set: