ACT! for Kids Chicken Art Workshop on Saturday, March 27

On Saturday, March 27, ACT! for Kids is excited to offer a workshop in Chicken Art with artists and chicken aficionados Lianne Prentice and Nicole Maher-Whiteside, for kids ages 8 & up. The workshop runs from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at The Community School in South Tamworth, NH. Participants will create feathers and other decoration in a variety of media for a giant chicken sculpture to be displayed at the Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth, and depending on age and interest may also work on chicken block prints, paintings and more.

Lianne Prentice is a teacher of middle and high school English, history and science for 22 years, who currently teaches at The Community School. She grew up in Sandwich, but married a Tamworth boy and moved across the town line. She’s been oil painting for a mere 16 months and loving it; her chicken painting was a hot item at last summer’s ACT Art Show, and may one day be known as representational of the early days of the Chicken Art Movement in Tamworth. She is the proud parent not only of two children, but also of ten gorgeous hens: Butter, Sasha, Queenie, Hawk, Betty, Little Red, Nut Brown, Orlanda, Tom and Biddy.

Nicole Maher-Whiteside got her first chicken in 1970, a Rhode Island Red named Irma. Irma spent many hours perched on Nicole’s shoulder hiking along the Bearcamp River in South Tamworth. Irma was a wonderful companion, who generously gave Nicole an egg a day. Nicole’s admiration for chickens has continued to grow since those long ago years, and she has shared her life with many chickens since Irma. Currently she is working on a series of chicken paintings in which she is trying to capture the generous spirit of chickenhood, and she looks forward to a day of chicken art with other chickenistas.

The cost for this workshop is $3. To register, send an email to or call 603-323-8104.

ACT! for Kids is made possible by The Rey Foundation. Find out more about their work here. Upcoming ACT! for Kids programs include storyteller Simon Brooks, back by popular demand on April 1, and Draw the Constellations to Learn Them (as H. A. Rey did to teach them), with Nat Scrimshaw in June.