Simon Brooks returns to Tamworth on April Fool's Day!

ACT! for Kids is excited to bring storyteller Simon Brooks back to Tamworth. Brooks received rave reviews from folks of all ages after his visit last spring, and so ACT! for Kids is bringing him back on April Fools’ Day to enthrall both young and old once more. Brooks will be telling stories for K-4th graders at the K. A. Brett School in Tamworth at 2:15 p.m. on Thursday, April 1. Homeschoolers are welcome—please call the school at 603-323-7271 to let them know you’re coming. At 7:00 on Thursday evening, at the Cook Memorial Library in Tamworth, Brooks will tell stories for kids ages 8 and up, grownups, and mature younger listeners.

Brooks, who lives in Orford, NH, has been spinning yarns and telling tales for nearly two decades, first in his native England and more recently throughout New England. Combining his passion for children’s literature—he is also a children’s librarian, as well as a photographer, writer and poet—and folklore, Brooks creates programs to suit all ages. His repertoire comes mainly from European folk and fairy tales, but also includes stories from South American, Africa, China and Japan as well as many other countries and cultures. “I find tales that are not often told, or when they are, I put my own stamp on them,” Brooks says. “I only tell tales that I love, whose voice comes to me, becoming alive in my mind, and that helps bring the story to life in the minds of those who listen.”

Brooks performs tales with energy and wit. Telling folktales, myths and legends from all over the world, he brings vividly to life characters like Ananzi the Spider, the trickster Raven, Merlin and Dionysus. From this world of stories Brooks captivates his audience with unique voices to animate characters and with expressive body language that brings the stories to life. Watch Brooks tell the story "One Wish," below, or scroll down to hear the story "The Lonely Boatman."

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