Hearty thanks

From me to everyone who helped with the ACT Cabaret Benefit. And they are, to the best of my presently under-caffeinated memory, as follows, in no special order: Belle, Dennis, Margaret, Kate & Tom, Michelle & John, Vince, Sandy & Lynn, Juno, Peggy, Ellen, Tom, Cormac and Tom, Tim & Toni and Jeff, George, Nat, CL Thomas, DJ & Sheena & Sarah, Becca & Geoffrey and Alex, Lee & Andrew of ATTP, Grammy Gordon, Lou & Windward Petroleum, Kokopelli, The Other Store, The Community School, Locke Falls Farm, Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, our friend at Downbeat magazine, The Barnstormers, Arts on the Edge, Earth & Fire. And everyone who bid on auction items, especially those of you who took the bidding up over the retail value of the items—that always brings joy to a fundraiser's heart.

If I forgot to thank anyone, please forgive me and accept my thanks.

Annie Riecken, ACT President