Love's made a fool of you...

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David Gibsone says:

I made this way back in 1974 when there was no known film footage of Buddy Holly and no fictional feature film either. Using friends as actors, I shot this short movie on 16mm film and then set about distressing it. I was trying to get it to look like one of those 'telecast' movies that the TV companies would film of live broadcasts from a cathode ray tube in the 1950s.

Buddy recorded "Love's Made A Fool Of You" between late July and mid-August 1958 at the Norman Petty studios in Clovis, New Mexico. Buddy double tracked his vocal and played the rhythm guitar. Tommy Allsup played lead; George Atwood bass and Bo Clarke drums. Note this is the undubbed version that's never had an official release as far as I know. Norman Petty dubbed handclaps to it in 1964. "Love's Made A Fool Of You", along with "Wishing" from the same session, were recorded as demos for the Everly Brothers.

Tommy Allsup has recently completed a sell out tour in the UK (June 2008) with Kevin Montgomery. Tommy's 1964 classic album "The Buddy Holly Songbook" has been reissued on CD with "Country Classics" on Rollercoaster Records.

Note: Kevin's dad was Bob Montgomery, Buddy's friend and also co-writer of "Love's Made A Fool Of You".