The end of Alec's list, but NOT the end of summer

Alec Kerr's soundrack for summer list is getting right up to date now, starting with 'The Summer' (2009) by Coconut Records. Alec says, "This is actor Jason Schwartzman's one-man band. What sounds like a vanity-fueled side project is actually quite the opposite. This is just one of many catchy, well-written songs from Schwartzman."

And hot of the presses, 'Summertime' (2010), by Bare Naked Ladies. Alec says, "Steven Page, one of the primary songwriters and co-frontman of the band, recently went solo, but as evidenced by their new album, it looks like the rest of the Ladies are doing just fine without him."

Thus ends Alec's "Soundtrack of the season: 20 songs for the summer." Thank you, Alec, for introducing us to all these sounds and styles. But summer itself, this real, fecund summer we have been so blessed to be experiencing, isn't over yet, and there's more great music out there. Check out our upcoming performance season to see all the great live music we're presenting this year, and check back often for more online musical inspiration and fun.