Fourth grade poems and pictures

From Aaron Jafferis's residency... The fourth graders wrote poems about emotions, and then worked in groups creating vignettes to illustrate the poems.


Silliness is yellow, Like the rays of the sun, Golden dandelions squirming In the tickling sensation

Silliness smells like popcorn, peanuts and bananas The circus monkeys’ favorite foods

Silliness looks like cheetah cubs Tumbling and wrestling Through the dry grass Of the open savannah

Silliness tastes like jelly Sliding off my tongue, Into my tummy, And landing With a plop At the bottom

Silliness sounds like the claps and laughs Of little children, Playing peek-a-boo With their parents

Silliness feels like the lick of a dog’s tongue In your ear With an afterwash of barking, and yipping With loving tone

—Georgia Stafford


Anger is the red of hot fire beating and crumbling black dusty coals.

Anger sounds like stomping on spiders, ants and other despicable creepy, crawly things.

Anger smells like smoke rising from my wood stove sitting in my parlor doorway.

Anger feels as though someone has just utterly crushed you.

Anger looks like someone, boy or girl, blazing up like a flame, smoke curling around their ears, eyes red with revenge, nostrils flaring, lips perked, teeth clenched, body filled with cold, hardness and hate.


—Sarah Schartner


Relaxation is the color of cold, dark, midnight blue

Relaxation sounds like the beautiful waves crashing on the shore

Relaxation smells like the lavender bushes in the garden

Relaxation tastes like the sourness of lemonade going up the straw into my mouth

Relaxation looks like a sunny day at Ossipee Lake with the raft, sun and mountains

Relaxation looks like snow dripping from the stars

—Sarah Thurlow

Aaron's residency was funded in part by the New England States Touring program of the New England Foundation for the Arts, made possible with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts Regional Touring Program and the six New England state arts agencies, and was made possible with support of business sponsor Hidden Automotive, The Tamworth Foundation, the K. A. Brett School, and the Tamworth PTA.