Solstice at McNalls'

A poem by Peggy Johnson of Wonalancet.

Solstice at McNalls’ a toast

And here we all are, all getting tighter or looser in our joints and our teeth with the years and the drink.

We toast our hosts and each other, and life and fortune, eat and drink, and in this warm place we believe these candles hold back the cold,

While we talk and eat, they beckon beyond planets to their own great maker.

Here we all are, a band of women and men, playing, here to stomp our feet in snow to awaken blood and ice and cold, and strike the floor with dance, the ancient stamp of Man on Earth.

And here we all are, calling the Sun beckoning tomorrow, when we, triumphant, set sail and haul closer every day to Life and heat, grass green, bees and zucchini and bugs.

Tonight we stand by fires, remember sun and gardens, air on salty skin and in the summer we will remember tonight, and winter and each other.