Limmer residency continues

In the fifth and seventh grades today, students working with Jeanne Limmer learned a vocabulary of movement language. Jeanne isn't just teaching dance, and she isn't just teaching the water cycle, arctic animals, fairy tales, simple machines, the human circulatory system, “The Highwayman”, and electricity. She talks to kids about the importance of being in control of their own bodies and about respecting the other bodies around them, about realizing that inside every body they encounter is a human being just like them, skilled, scared, funny, clever, shy, happy. She encourages kids to look others in the eye. In the photos below, kids are learning how to make diverse shapes with their bodies in every plane, shapes that communicate and interact with shapes made by other bodies, but don't intrude on them.

Jeanne Limmer’s artist residency is made possible with support from ACT! for Kids sponsor Hidden Automotive, the Tamworth Foundation, the Tamworth PTA, and the K. A. Brett School. Arts Council of Tamworth is funded in part by a grant from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts & the National Endowment for the Arts. ACT is grateful for the support of all its sponsors, including Media Sponsors 93.5 WMWV/Magic 104FM, The Conway Daily Sun, and The Mountain Ear.