becomes Art Connects Us!

We're redecorating and inviting a bunch of friends and neighbors to come live with us! An exciting collaboration is underway in Sandwich and Tamworth. Five local nonprofit arts organizations—Advice To The Players, Arts Council of Tamworth (ACT), Snapdragon Theatre Guild, Tamworth Artisans and the Yeoman’s Fund for the Arts—with the support of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, are joining forces to create Art Connects Us, a single website to serve all five organizations and the local arts scene. The new website at, formerly the URL for ACT, will be a portal to the diverse arts in Sandwich and Tamworth, a one-stop shop for information about upcoming plays, concerts, workshops, art exhibits and more, and for news about local artists and performers.

This unusual collaboration offers the public and the organizations many benefits beyond those stated above. Local artists have always been welcome to share work here on the ACT site; Art Connects Us will offer them even greater exposure. Other local nonprofits are also welcome to list arts events on the site. Local businesses that rely on tourism for part of their revenue will be able to link to the site as evidence of the rich cultural offerings of the area. Businesses can advertise on the site to reach a broad mix of locals and visitors. The nonprofits benefit by sharing the cost of maintaining a web site, by an increased web presence, and by working more closely when scheduling events.

Please keep visiting, and bear in mind that the site will look a little crazy over the next month or two while it’s under construction. You can also type your email address into the "Get the Latest Updates" box to get news and event listing direct to your inbox.