Our Creative Community: Jeff & Sharon Malenfant's magazine, UnCut

More cool news about what friends and neighbors are up to deep in these northern woods. Jeff and Sharon Malenfant are publishing a magazine!

Un<>Cut Magazine is a new magazine devoted to the work of artists from all over the world. Tamworth artist Jeff Malenfant (who works and publishes under the name “liketelevisionsnow”) created the bi-annual magazine which debuted last July. “As an artist, I wanted a magazine that focused on the work and words of global artists rather than the traditional format in which art magazine articles are written by critics or art historians,” Jeff says. “I think it’s very important that artists have an opportunity to present their work on their own terms, and the internet is giving us a chance to do so.”

The magazine features full-color reproductions of work by painters and photographers, as well as poetry, short stories and novellas.  The magazine is part of the print-on-demand revolution taking place via the internet.  “I chose the Hewlett Packard MagCloud platform to publish the magazine because their HP indigo digital press beautifully reproduces photographs and paintings,” Jeff says.

Sharon Malenfant,  owner of Good Peasant Communications, prepares the magazine’s editorial and other pre-press work.  “Having been involved in the printing field for more than 20 years, I continue to be amazed at the options that are available today for creating online publications.”

Un<>Cut’s Summer Issue is now available online and features American artist Michael Byron whose work is in MOMA’s permanent collection; Hungarian photographer Peter Nagy; New York City writer/poet Sarah Cavallaro; and Chinese painter Liu Chen Yang.

To preview the 84-page summer issue or purchase a print or digital copy of the magazine, go to http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/205562.

You can also purchase last year’s July and December issues at the same site. The Cook Memorial Library also has the 2010 editions on display in the front room and they are available to check out.

The poem below is from Sarah Cavallaro's "Period Pieces: Poems for Baby Boomers."

Your web site philosophy in which nobody buys anything anymore
is a graveyard
you thought giving it away for free made the playing field fair
it made us all poor.
Don’t you know every church charges!