What are you going to do this summer?

Choices abound: In addition to the traditional and appealing options below, consider a trip to the theater, or perchance to a fairy-inhabited wood by night. Why not be the theater: enroll yourself or your children in Shakespeare camp and stride the hallowed boards, declaiming and exclaiming wildly. Or come see paintings, photographs and more, the creative output of friends and neighbors through the long winter behind us, and through the beautiful spring that ends today, leaving us with SUMMER! Enjoy it while it lasts...

Nothing new about this summer activity:


Barbeque with friends. Have an impromptu dance party. Bust a rhyme.


Wax nostalgic...


Chill out with Janis!


And don't forget, "you don't have to be yokel to eat local": Tamworth Farmers' Market, Sandwich Farmers' Market, and Mad Planter Open Air Market.