Come see our local young thespians perform the Scottish play at the Fairgrounds!

Over thirty budding thespians gathered at the Sandwich Fairgrounds Stage on a recent Monday morning for the first day of Advice To The Players’ popular KidsCamp. Led by Richard and Marion Posner, the youngsters will spend the next two weeks putting together a production of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

“This is fun with a purpose,” laughs Richard. “A production of Macbeth with 8 to12 year-olds is an ambitious undertaking.” Posner, who runs Tamworth Learning Circles and is the creator of the kids theatre company, Snapdragon Theatre Guild, is a seasoned educator who is undaunted by what he is planning. Joined by his wife Marion and assistants Emma Bickford and Abbie Morin, the kids dove right in to a series of theatre games. 

“Richard and Marion are huge assets in our theatre community,” says Advice To The Players’ Executive Director Becca Boyden. “Marion has been acting with us since our beginning and now she and Richard have started this fantastic theatre guild for kids. They bring a wealth of theatre training and experience with kids to our camp program and we are so lucky to have them working with us.” 

If you want to see the kids’ performance of Macbeth, come to the Fairgrounds Stage on Friday July 29th at 10:00 to enjoy presentations by both KidsCamp and older students from Shakesperience. And for added fun, you can see some of the kids as fairies in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which opens Friday, August 5 at 2 pm and runs through the following weekend. For more information visit Advice To The Players online, call 986-6253 or e-mail