Our Creative Community: Edible Art at Carega Gallery

Photos above and below from yesterday evening's midsummer Artist's Party at Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery. Artists provided edible creations that in many cases resembled their work. Guests were asked to match artist and edible creation to the work on display. Then they got to eat the creations, and boy were they good!  Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery is located at 69 Maple Street in Center Sandwich.  Gallery hours are from 10 to 5 Monday through Saturday and 12 to 5 on Sunday. On view at the gallery are two exhibits:

"Inside Out" features sculpture, objects and glassworrk of Robin Dustin, Shandra McLane and Kathryn Field inside. Madeleine Lord's flower garden entitled "Rare Species" is installed outside on the lawn.

"Opposites Attract" compares figurative and abstract works that are hung next to each other or in close proximity. Team Figurative includes Michael Doyle, Sandra Keegin, Stoney Conley, Gay Freeborn and Frances Hamilton. Team Abstract includes Michael Rich, Kathy Stark, CC White, Ashley Bullard and Barbara Brady. Andrew Tavarelli's work is figurative in execution though abstract in thought. We hope that this exhibit is both educational and entertaining particularly to those who wonder what they are looking at in an abstract piece.