Our Creative Community: In Tamworth tonight (7/22)

Ben & Tucker (Ben Cook and Tucker Letarte, both of Tamworth) and friends singing to the trees and the sky. You can see them live tomorrow night (Saturday, 7/23) at Chequers Villa in Tamworth and next Saturday (7/30) at The Whittier House in West Ossipee.


Then, after seeing a play with plays within it about an aging actor sharing his views of life and the theater with an up-and-coming young thespian, we walked out of the theater and found ourselves in a play without, in which an actor (George F. Piehl, appearing all this week in A Life in the Theatre at The Barnstormers) who had played an aging actor shared his views of life and the theater with a whole group of up-and-coming young thespians appearing next Friday (7/29) in Advice To The Players' Kids Camp and Shakesperience performances of Macbeth. All the world's a stage!