Queen Mab brings The Merchant of Venice to Sandwich!

Queen Mab Productions is pleased to announce our third official production, Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice," to be performed at the Fairgrounds Stage next week! There will be a show Tuesday, August 9th, starting at 4:00PM; Queen Mab will put on a second show on Saturday, August 13th, at 5:30PM. Approximate runtime will be an hour and a half. Bring friends! Bring family! Spread the word! We had great turn out last year, and we hope to improve upon it this year. Admission is completely free, though donations to our parent company Advice To The Players are greatly appreciated.

The show stars Will Henriques as the prodigal Bassanio looking to expand his fortunes and pay his considerable debt by marrying the fair Portia (Bee Rouner) of Belmont. Antonio (Alex Butcher-Nesbitt), a rich Venetian merchant, has loaned Bassanio, his good friend, considerable amounts of money for his endeavors, but is in turn beholden to the seemingly merciless Shylock (Joshua Nungesser), a Jewish moneylender. Yet the lines of the play are not nearly so clear-cut as they seem: in what is arguably one of Shakespeare's most adamant advocations for social equality, no character can be taken at face value.* Co-stars include Emma Bickford, Butterfly Dompkowski, Galen Muskat, and more.

Come see for yourself -- we'll be there!

* If there is sufficient audience interest, we will be happy to have an audience talk-back discussing the themes of the play.