Fall Theater Workshop for kids Sept. 12-Oct. 3; Stagecraft I: Character Development

Where: Sandwich Town Hall
When: Mondays, 3:30-5:00 PM; September 12-October 3
Open to ages 8-14. Limit: 12. Cost: $50.
Questions? Call Will: 968-7952.

Will Cabell will direct a class in stage performance skills when creating character roles. We will look at stock characters from stories and familiar plays and develop walks, speech, and mannerisms which portray them. Students will be given written and text assignments as homework to share in class. Theater games and warm-ups will stress stage skills: voice clarity and projection, movement and gesture.

Theater work is fun, joyous and creative, and MORE: the benefits of theater training extend beyond the arts. Theater training helps children gain confidence, provides practice in collaboration and cooperation, and, by teaching them to speak clearly and expressively in front of others, helps them across all the academic disciplines and in many possible careers.