elizabeth! arrives in Tamworth

elizabeth! spent a full first day at Brett today. Early in the morning she joined the 7th graders in their music class to practice the building blocks of improvisation. The fifth graders learned about and participated in some 12-bar blues, call-and-response singing, and improvised musical conversation.

As the day went on elizabeth! spent time with 3rd graders, 8th graders and 4th graders. Kids sang, clapped, improvised, had wordless conversations. Here, 3rd graders sit rapt as some hear and see a trombone live for the first time.


The day finished with a lesson with three brand-new 4th grade trombone players, discussing breath, rhythm, shared silence and more.

You can come sing with elizabeth!, too. Join us for a vocal improv workshop this Wednesday, November 16, at 6:30 PM at the Cook Library in Tamworth. More info here.

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