Meet all your gift-shopping needs at Tamworth Artisans

News flash! Our showroom has been recently redesigned and reorganized. Now more beautiful than ever. Drop by and see what new items have been created and displayed by our members especially for the upcoming holidays. We have some very nice stocking stuffers for as little as $2.50. You don't have to spend a lot to get a lot. Tamworth has wonderful artists and craftsmen who produce items you won't find anywhere else and that reflect the unique natural beauty of our town. Remember, a gift of a local artisan's work is special, representing a personal connection to that artist as well as a showing of appreciation for that artist's creative effort. Doesn't the idea of "Made in Tamworth" sound much nicer and more meaningful than "Made in China?" Come visit the Tamworth Artisans Gallery and show your support for the arts and especially our local artists and craftsmen.

The Tamworth Artisans is a group of over twenty dedicated Tamworth artists and artisans who have partnered with Arts Council of Tamworth to show and market their work locally. We offer a great selection of handmade art and craft work including pottery, paintings in all mediums, photography, a wide variety of jewelry, note cards, stone carvings, wearable and useable fabric art, wood products, wooden toys, floral wreaths, scarves, hand-painted furniture and spectacular glass items.

Tamworth Artisans Gallery/Showroom is now open 4 days a week, from 11 to 5 every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The Showroom is located across from the Chocorua Library at the Chocorua Village Pottery Barn on Rt. 113. For more info call Myles at 323-5444 or visit Tamworth Artisans.