The Posners' Sandwich & Tamworth Audio Guides—special holiday offer

Richard and Marion Posner's audio guides to Tamworth and Sandwich are entirely home grown, written and narrated by Richard and Marion, with music by Tom Posner, Chris Nourse and Alan DiBiase, design by Peggy Johnson, photos by Tom Posner, and sound engineering by Dennis Quinn. The guides are designed to introduce the towns and their history, and to be listened to as one drives around, with many suggested walks and visits—also advertising a number of local businesses.

Listen to a bit here:  Tamworth Audio Guide - Sample

Because a number of residents have bought multiple copies of the CD to give as Christmas presents to visiting friends and relations, Richard and Marion have decided to make a special Christmas offer.

For each Tamworth  or Sandwich Audio Guide CD purchased from now until Christmas, they will donate $4 to the Tamworth Community Christmas Project and the Sandwich Community Christmas Tree Project, respectively. If you pick up the CDs from their house, they'll add an additional $1 to the donation as mailing saved. The CDs cost $15 each, mailing included. Order via email or phone, 323-7477.