Eco-fashion and t-shirt repurposing at Brett this week

Megan Nicolay's artist residency with 6th through 8th graders at the K. A. Brett School got off to an exciting start this week. Students began their work with Megan learning some new terminology, and discovering many no-sew techniques for transforming t-shirts into new garments and other useful products. Students learned the difference between recycling and "up-cycling", turning something that might otherwise be thrown away into something new and special, as when old sneakers get turned into indoor basketball courts, or t-shirts get turned into new garments, tote bags or pillows. They also learned about the concept of DIY, and the choices, responsibilities and pleasures that come with it. Then they got to put these ideas into practice, making pillows, variously transformed tank tops, fingerless gloves, Mohawk hats, tote bags and scarves, as well as coming up with innovative ideas of their own. Scroll down to see some of the projects kids have been working on, and visit Megan's site for more photos. Marking t-shirts using a pillow template:

Cutting out the pillows:

Knotting the pillows:

Stuffing the pillows:

Making fitted tank tops with braided sides and t-shirts that use the looping technique:

 New fashions begin to appear in the halls:

Matching fingerless gloves:

Mohawk hats:

Student-designed visor hat (protects neck from the sun, too!):

And of course the scraps make good headbands:

Thanks to sponsors BEAM Construction, Inc., Hidden Automotive and The Other Store for their support. Arts Council of Tamworth is supported in part by a grant from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts & the National Endowment for the Arts. Megan Nicolay’s residency is also made possible with support from the K. A. Brett School, The Tamworth Foundation, the Tamworth PTA, Walmart, and the Yeoman’s Fund for the Arts. Thanks to Media Sponsors The Conway Daily Sun, The Mountain Ear, and 93.5 WMWV | Magic 104FM.