Greg Brown honors Bill Morrissey in Tamworth on April 29

You’ve heard of FARM AID and BAND aid to Feed the World where musicians get together, put on a show and raise money for a good cause? Well, Tamworth resident and singer/songwriter Bill Morrissey was fond of saying that he was ready for the day when the coal miners and farmers would put on a benefit for the folksingers of the world. Bill referred to himself as a sort of starving artist. When his health started to fail, and he was unable to tour, and couldn’t count on health insurance he turned to the Tamworth Community Nurse Association (TCNA) for help. JoAnn Rainville and crew did so much for Bill…from home visits, to helping him fill out complicated medical paperwork, to bringing him an amaryllis at Christmas. Bill was grateful and really, really wanted to contribute back to the community one day by playing a benefit concert for TCNA. Unfortunately Bill passed away while on tour this summer and was never able to fulfill his wishes.

At Drylongso Productions we loved Bill and love TCNA, and have been working to put together the show that Bill promised to do. On Sunday, April 29th at 7:00 PM at The Barnstormers Theatre, Bill’s friend and fellow folksinger, Greg Brown, with Bo Ramsey, will perform a fundraiser for TCNA. Tickets go on sale March 1st at The Other Store and are $40. With the cost of a ticket, the first 100 people will get a copy of Bill Morrissey’s last CD, a copy of the Drylongso LIVE CD recorded over the years by Dennis Quinn, a poster from the Bill Tribute Concert in Boston, and a chance to win a copy of Bill’s posthumously published second novel Imaginary Runner. Tickets are sure to sell out so will be sold only in Tamworth for the first month. On April 1st, Sponsor Tamwireless has generously donated web space for this show and will take ticket orders online. Sponsor Arts Council of Tamworth will provide sound support. Greg Brown is a great singer/songwriter and the TCNA is a great cause. For more information, please call Annie Barnard at 323-2348.