Creativity Day

Come to the Green Mountain Conservation Group's Creativity Day to create and help protect the environment. On Saturday, May 19 from 10 to 1 PM at Runnells Hall, Chocorua, kids and adults of all ages are invited to join local artists and help create art for THE ART HAPPENING on July 28. Local artists include Catherine Adelman, Emelyn Albert, Barbara Bold, Marnie Cobbs, Stephanie Doyle, Blair Folts, Magi Leland, and Arthur Surrette. This is an opportunity to work one-on-one or in small groups with wonderful artists in a variety of disciplines—painting, design, poetry, juggling, music, printmaking and more—on nature and water-related themes. Much of the work created will be exhibited at an event on July 28th. Come by any time between 10 and  1  and work on one project or many.

If you cannot attend Creativity Day, we would still love to exhibit your work at the summer event. This can be any medium, including visual arts, poetry, performance arts, etc. with a theme related to nature, water, or the environment.  You can contact the GMCG Youth Coordinator, Stephanie Doyle, at: