Andrea Newland at the Gatehouse Gallery

The Gatehouse Gallery is thrilled to display the works of artist & painter, Andrea Newland. Her latest show, "Lady Legs and Other Paintings" uses whimsy to evoke feelings of childhood wonder.

This show is captivating and should not be missed. There is an artist's reception planned for Friday evening, July 13th from 6 to 8 PM at the Gatehouse Gallery 214 Page Hill Rd. in Tamworth. Andrea Newland's work will be on display throughout the month of July. For more information, hours and questions, please call 603-725-4377 or visit

Biography and statement:

"Lady Legs and Other Paintings" by Andrea Newland

A moody blonde stands by an idling truck ready to run with the circus. A dainty yellow couch floats in expressive color space. A wild heart with wings strains against the nails pinning it down from freedom. Red suitcase packed, a lady marches forward. Two lovers tangled in the sheets sleep in while the Indian Ocean beckons outside. A woman in polka dots stares you down, doing God knows what in the guest bedroom.

These are the musings of painter Andrea Newland.

After graduating from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design she came up with the concept for Lady Legs. Often drawing from the female form, it is as if the artist was taking snapshots and the camera fell to the ground still clicking. Without a face to determine what the subject is doing, how can we interpret their body language? Who is she? Where is she going, and how can she look so good doing it? With vibrant colors and luscious brush strokes, Newland creates narratives through painting that make you want to step inside the frame and assess the situation.

Artist Bio:

I grew up in the woods.

Well, not in a tree house, but a white farm house in the woods. I had two older brothers. I had one friend. There were 5 channels on television.

I drew alot. I played barbies, built forts, and went to Missouri in the summers.

In high school I loved art, drama and English. When I found out there was such a thing as art school, I thought, "Really? I can paint for a living? Yes please."

From small town Monson to big city Boston I went to the Massachusetts College of Art and Design for painting and art education. I had a great experience there furthering my understanding of art. I took advantage of the travel abroad program with SACI (Studio Art Centers International). It was a very inspiring time to be able to live and paint in Florence. Travel is a big influence for me. In 2005 I travelled to Kenya and stayed for a month.

Right now I live and paint in Somerville, MA, with frequent trips to the country. I've been working on the "Lady Legs" series, altered books and abstract expressionistic work lately. I paint with watercolor, acrylic, oil and mixed media. I strive for a balance of controlled, representational painting on one canvas and then explosions of color and texture on another. To take a break from the 2D I make concrete leaves and quilts. I enjoy having the freedom to let myself try new things.

Showing July 2012

Artist Reception Friday July 13th - Hours 6-8pm