White Mountain National Forest artists-in-residence at Carega Gallery

Patricia Ladd Carega Gallery presents a gallery talk, exhibit and performance by this years’s White Mountain National Forest artists-in-residence on Saturday, July 28 at 11 AM at the gallery at 69 Maple Street, Center Sandwich. Xavier Cortada will present "Time/Space Species: Glacial relics and the thrush," an exhibit of works created by Cortada during his residency that focuses on three sensitive species living in the White Mountain National Forest, allowing us to see nature through the prism of space (global migration and habitat change) and time (evolution: glacial relics, evolving subspecies). The exhibit will include artists' talks by Cortada and Espinosa, along with a performance of a new, forest-inspired composition by Espinosa, "Climbing Mount Israel and Legacy Trail Soundscapes." Eco-artist Xavier Cortada and composer Juan Carlos Espinosa of Miami, Florida, who spent the first two weeks of their residency exploring the Forest and interacting with Forest Service employees and scientists, are offering four public sessions during which residents, visitors and artists in all disciplines are invited to learn more about - and participate in - the artistic process, and explore the connections between art, the forest and conservation. The sessions are loosely tied to Earth (Terra), Water (Aqua), Wind (Aer) and Fire (Ignis).

The White Mountain National Forest Artist in Residence program is a collaboration, now in its second year, between the WMNF and the Arts Alliance. You can follow the artists on their blog, White Mountain Trail Mix and learn more on the Arts Alliance website.  Call the Arts Alliance at 323-7302 or email info@aannh.org if you have questions or would like to volunteer. Reservations are welcome but not required.