Caroline Cotter & Samantha Tracy at Mocha!

This just in from Roger Sorlien: [embed width="400"][/embed]

Caroline Cotter in concert at Mocha Rizing coffee shop in Center Sandwich on Saturday, Jan. 5th at 7:30 PM. Sam Tracy will be the opening act. This is the start to my homeless house concert series (they will be here at our new house by the summer after I meet the construction criteria I've promised my dear wife). Tickets are $12.

Caroline Cotter is a singer-songwriter, traveler, artist, teacher and eternal student, living in Portland, Maine. After several years living and traveling all over the world, her collected stories come home with her in the form of songs. She performs original material in the folk tradition with influences of Americana, bluegrass, jazz, and world music. For more information please visit:

Sam Tracy is well known to most everyone in Sandwich . She grew up here (at 17 is continuing to grow up here) and is an amazing performer. You're going to be bummed that the holidays are over and a bleak midwinter lies ahead and these two fantastic young women will fix you right back up.

Katie O'Connell and I will sing a little harmony here and there as well. Katie ...because she's damn good herself, and me... to add maturity and gravitas to the scene.

---------------------------------------------------------- We can only put 55 in Mocha including musicians and staff. You have to email me or phone me to get on my list and we will collect payment at the door. I'm not going to try selling tickets at Mocha this week or set up PayPal for this one-time event. If you reserve a space with me please show up or let me know you aren't coming. When I get your email I will respond back to let you know I received it and am saving a place for you. We have space for about 20 more and this really should fill up.

If you've already responded to my first mailing and I have replied back, you are all set but feel free to check back in if you're uncertain. Roger 677-2624

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