Cormac McCarthy's CD Release Show

cormac.collateralOn Saturday, January 12 at 7:00 PM, come on down to the Tamworth Lyceum for the long-awaited release of Cormac McCarthy's new CD, Collateral. Cormac has asked Hazard and Heimlich to open the show for the kickoff of their 40th Anniversary Tour  and they'll also be backing up Cormac on some of his tunes over the course of the evening. There is no cover for this event, so come down, buy a CD or two and maybe leave a tip in the jar if you're feeling good about the show!

"...Like the restless souls inhabiting Woody Guthrie’s best work, McCarthy’s characters struggle to find a haven in an evermore-fractured society, fighting to retain their decency in an indecent world, and to discover hope and love in the depths of their own courage. In these beautifully honed lyrics, each as rich in detail and emotion as a short novel, the listener divines the apotheosis of the mundane—that celebration of the common heart of America reminiscent of the work of Hank Williams, Tom Waits, and Bob Dylan..."  - Bruce Pratt, from Collateral liner notes
"While it's fashionable to declare every artist's latest offering as their best, Collateral is a remarkable achievement in both its simplicity and its solemn lyrical indictment of a society on fumes. These sobering accounts are too precise to be anything but truth. McCarthy doesn't look down on the characters he describes, but rather, stands shoulder-to-shoulder with them, and it's his clear-eyed empathy that makes Collateral so believable ....."  M. England,  The Portsmouth Herald
The new album Collateral is now available on the website: