Snapdragon Spring Play is "Changing Masks"


balcony_28758_smOur spring play, to be performed at the Barnstormers Theatre, Tamworth on April 19th, will be CHANGING MASKS. Set in Venice, the most romantic city in Europe in the years of its dazzling decline, this specially written play will follow the fortunes of  young people in search of their identities - and fortunes - at Carnival time, in the murky depths of history and the winding canals of a city given over to the biggest party of the eighteenth century! Gorgeous masks and costumes are guaranteed! Will the set feature the peerless facade of St. Marks - yes! The palace of the Doges - of course! Gondolas and the Bridge of Sighs - how could we do without them! Technical challenges may prevent us from flooding the entire theatre, but somehow or other the canals will be there! As always in our productions, there will be solid speaking parts for every thespian - no stars and spear-carriers, but age and experience in the company fully honored! For this show we also need musicians, singers, dancers, acrobats...we could also find parts for a well-behaved lion and four docile horses accustomed to striking poses!

Rehearsals begin in March - a full notice will be sent out in the next few weeks - the pattern of rehearsal will be as usual, with weekly times giving way to the flurry of the last two weeks.