Come cake walk with us!

Lecon_de_Cake-Walk_-_L'EntreeMaybe you'd like to know a little history of the cake walk before you come participate in one on Saturday, February 9. Our cake walk is the modern version, a combination of bingo and musical chairs—the goal is to have fun, support local arts, and WIN CAKES. But the cake walk has a long history, with r0ots in the days of slavery, known among other things as a strutting dance/walk in which couples participated to win a cake by being the showiest or most outrageous. You can read about the origins and evolution of the cake walk here, and download some free cake walk sheet music here. The expression, "it's a cakewalk," meaning, as we might say in New Hampshire, "it's wicked easy," led to the expression, "it's a piece of cake." Come participate—piece of cake!—win some cake, eat some cake. Early clips of cake walks, including what appears to be the Coney Island cake walk—including some early break dancing or hip hop at around 1:26.

And here you see a more modern cake walk, a cultural hybrid, at the Scotland, CT Highland Games.