Seeking a capella singers for monthly sing

From Frank Paine, in Sandwich:

Hi, Everybody.

I am interested in starting an informal group of singers that would meet probably once a month or so, to read through any kind of a cappella music, including (but not limited to) madrigals, motets, any kind of partsong, or vocal jazz. There is no upper limit to the number of people, but it's hard to do with fewer than 4 or 5, spread over the various vocal parts. Since I am a bass, the greatest need will be for tenors, altos and sopranos. The ability to read music would be very important. I have a substantial library to work from, but contributions from others (including newly written music) would be welcome.

We would also need a place to meet, as my house is not well designed for this purpose. The availability of a piano would be helpful, but not critical, as we can use my pitch pipe and my keyboard for pitch reference.

If you are interested in doing this, please call 603-284-6433, or email fpainestam(at)gmail(dot)com.