Our Creative Community: Tamworth Town Meeting

DSC_2744-sm The Town Meeting Singers (and players) were back this year with a rendition of "Fair Tamworth," penned by John Finley, Sr., and set to the tune of "Fair Harvard."

Fair Tamworth
Fair Tamworth, the fairest and dearest of vales
That the Mountains of Hampshire enfold
Of all the fair Daughters that Earth has to give
I chose thee to have and to hold.
From Ossipee’s  brow and Chocorua’s crown
To the Swift river sole of thy foot,
Thy charms are surpassing for Tamworth in thee
The best of the world has been put.
But never, O never, shall they be compared
To the Beauty and Charm that are thine
Though others the ocean or prairie may choose
Let Tamworth, fair Tamworth be mine.
And when from thy Presence I journey abroad
To the seashore, the city, or plain,
I long day and night for the sight of thy face
For thy woods and thy meadows again.
The sound of thy waters is still in my ears
Though far from the Bearcamp I roam;
The winds sing soft music from valley to hill
And welcome me back to my Home.

By John H. Finley Sr.