SNAPDRAGON call to families!

This is to remind all interested  families that the rehearsals for our April play Changing Masks at The Barnstormers Theatre begin with a meeting at TLC, 1131 Cleveland Hill Road on Wednesday, March 27th  at 3:45. We are confident that our cast will be about 30 students ages 5-13, but we can accommodate even more! Ideally, we would like to involve about 40 young people in a production with a lot of possibilities! Set in Venice around the late eighteenth-early nineteenth century, the play opens at the beginning of Carnival, the most famous festival in Europe. The plot concerns a whole neighborhood of the city, and centers on the rivalry of two patrician families, the Foscari and the Contadini, who for generations have sought to outshine each other..the rest of the cast is composed of gondoliers, priests, thieves, musicians, acrobats, glassworkers from Murano, visiting English aristocracy on the Grand Tour, a mask-maker and others who make up the rich tapestry of Venetian society. Nothing more can be divulged yet!

We have sent out notices before, but if anyone else is interested in joining us, please just come to TLC on Wednesday after school. This play will be serious fun!

Please call 323-7477 for any more information.

Richard Posner