Poetry Walk Fundraiser at The Remick Museum

Poetry-RockThe Remick Country Doctor Museum & Farm is excited to partner with Richard and Marion Posner to create a Poetry Walk along our Binsack Trail. Join us Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 (appropriately the 449th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth) from 5:00 to 6:30 PM to learn about our newest venture. An already beautiful stroll through a typically gorgeous New Hampshire country landscape will be transformed into a passage of words, emotions and geologic time as you experience Richard’s poem: The Tamworth Path of History, engraved on glacier-strewn granite boulders.

In Posner’s own words:

The Remick Country Doctor Museum and Farm is surrounded by and inundated with Nature’s beauty. Adjoining Tamworth, a few miles from the Remick Farm, there is wilderness and a National Forest. Mount Chocorua looms above, and the encircling woods and the glacial erratic boulders strewn over the fields are constant reminders of the history of the land.

So what can poetry contribute to such a beautiful place? I propose that a poem strung along the existing Joe Binsack Trail can provide a series of pauses and signposts for contemplation, a way of slowing down a walk and assisting a reader in drinking in and savoring the experience. Using existing boulders on the land, some in situ and some relocated, the work will be all but invisible from a distance but will add its quiet voice to a walker’s dialogue with the landscape.

Carved onto 23 rocks, some with only one word on them, a story will unfold along the path from Great Hill, around through the pastures to pass by the farm buildings and the house, and across the road to end at the river. The tale is a grand one, told in just 278 words: the history of the universe, this world, and of Tamworth itself.

Words carved on rocks are not casual conversation; they are intended to offer an underpinning progress and structure to the reader’s own thoughts. With a sense of stark wonder, we pass from the primeval universe to our planet, through the times of contraction and growth, of glaciers and regeneration, to the peopling of the land by successive waves of indigenous Americans, European settlers and later immigrants, to the established town we inhabit now, with its rich history, diverse population and manifold opportunities, and into the future. The poem will offer a long perspective to complement a visit to the museum.


Poetry-Walk-LogoThe Remick Museum and Farm’s mission is to educate a broad and diverse public to the value and significance of the medical practice and agricultural way of life of the country doctor and to preserve and interpret the Remick property and collections for the benefit of the public.

The Museum is located at 58 Cleveland Hill Road, Tamworth, NH. Please call (603) 323-7591 for more information or look us up on our website: www.remickmuseum.org.