Advice To The Players Annual Meeting

Join us at our Annual Meeting, June 23rd

We want to hear your stories about your experiences with ATTP, whether on stage, behind the scenes, or as a member of the audience. We want to hear your ideas for where Advice To The Players is going, and we want to hear how you'd like to help!

So please attend our Annual Meeting, on Sunday, June 23rd, 3-5pm, at the Surroundings Gallery in Center Sandwich, NH.

The afternoon will begin with a brief meeting of the Board of Trustees, open to the public, followed by a talk by local gardener and landscaper Patty Heard on "Shakespeare's Garden in Two Acts."

Patty's talk will enlighten (and not doubt entertain!) us about Elizabethan herbs and plants and what they meant to people in those times. For her second "act", she will discuss the more radical and wild sides of Shakespeare's use of plant imagery. We will see how Shakespeare uses herbs and flowers to represent the relationship between people and their environment.

Refreshments will be provided. The meeting will be moderated by local attorney and sometime ATTP actor Chris Boldt.