Art Works becomes ArtWorks Chocorua Creative Arts Center

Over the past couple of years, Arts Council of Tamworth (ACT) has partnered with ArtWorks Gallery, helping to incubate it as it has grown from Tamworth Artisans, an informal artists' collective, to a beautiful cooperative gallery on Rt. 16 in Chocorua Village. Now, with the pride of a parent watching a child head off to college, ACT is pleased to announce that ArtWorks is ready to fly solo. Their new name says it all: ArtWorks Chocorua Creative Arts Center. Upcoming projects include demonstrations and training workshops in several onsite fully equipped studios for glassblowing, woodworking and pottery. In the future, ArtWorks will offer workshops in these disciplines, as well as offering studio time to artists already working in these media.

ArtWorks will be open full time through the summer and will be starting up its ever-popular gallery without walls at the Tamworth Farmers' Market in July. Featuring the work of artists from the immediate area, the gallery is a lovely new addition to the blossoming Tamworth area art corridor from ArtWorks to Page Hill's beautiful Gatehouse Gallery to a great grouping of galleries in Sandwich. Come see the work of many talented local artists artfully displayed in a lovely bright gallery space on Route 16, just south of the village of Chocorua. For more information, contact the gallery at 603-323-8041 or e-mail them at