*Our* Elizabeth explains the unexpected benefits of music

ElizabethJazz_AndrewTFosterPhotoColor-209x300Do you remember Elizabeth, the fabulously talented jazz trombonist and vocalist who came to Tamworth a couple of years back to teach us about vocal improvisation and more? She did all kinds of great things with kids and community, including working with 8th graders on singing vocal improvisations that followed the narrative arc of Of Mice and Men, the novel they were studying in Language Arts. (See her below playing one note solos with the 6th graders.) This week she spoke with Mawi Asgedom about the many benefits of a musical education. Studying music and playing with others doesn't just improve math skills and the like, but builds habits of self-discipline that improve students' scholarship across the board, and facilitates the development of high-level interpersonal skills that support students in every part of their lives. Listen here.