Don't Miss Gráda Tonight

Tickets for Gráda will be available at the door at Salyards Center for the Arts on Main Street in Conway Village from 6:00 PM on. Show starts at 7:30; cash bar (beer and wine) available. Here's what one patron had to say about this band: "Brilliant performers... . Good to great set of tunes... . The type of Irish/Celtic/Breton music I like... . Alan is a hoot with the jokes,  a fantastic flute and drum player... Gerry is liable to be wearing pants from the planet Mars... Nicola should play the fiddle more... Andrew is the best stand up bass player I have ever seen... the jury is still out on the new fiddle player but he appears to be fitting in nicely with the group. I recommend you go see them." We recommend it too. For more info about this performance click here.

ACT presents the Irish band Gráda at Salyards on Sunday, March 15

Arts Council of Tamworth is thrilled to present the exciting band Gráda, all the way from Ireland in time for Saint Patrick's Day. Gráda will be performing at the Salyards Center for the Arts in Conway, NH, on Sunday, March 15, at 7:30 p.m. A cash bar will be available at this performance.

The young and vibrant members of Gráda have been performing and touring together since 2001. All have exotic and varied backgrounds: Andy Laking, originally from New Zealand, plays both jazz and Irish music; in his spare time he has studied guitar making in Canada and built a yacht, among other feats. Alan Doherty, who comes from a small town outside Dublin called Tallaght, was the lead soloist on the soundtrack for The Lord of the Rings. Nicola Joyce comes from a small town, too, near Galway in the west of Ireland, famous for its castles and for Nicola, whose drumming and voice get into your bones and under your skin. Gerry Paul was born in Dublin and grew up in New Zealand; when not playing music he has been seen spear fishing. David Doocey lives in a tiny Irish town in County Mayo; as a child he won several fiddle playing awards, and has since branched out to play the concertina, whistle and guitar, and to sing, as well. Together these five play 150 concerts annually in over 20 countries, all over Europe and North America, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Their lovely voices and traditional instruments, and their songs both familiar and new, delight audiences and reviewers alike.

"Gráda produces a fresh approach to playing bringing together elements of jazz improvisations and the raw energy of traditional Irish music," says Irish Music Magazine. "Ensemble playing with a vengeance," raves The Irish Times, "...a veritable distillation of all that has always been wondrous about English folk." But it's Sing Out Magazine that offers the most direct advice: "[I]f this talented quintet appears anywhere within a hundred miles of where you live, hi' thee hence."

Luckily (the luck o' the Irish, rubbing off on all of us?), you have the opportunity to take this advice and, what's more, to see Gráda in the intimate setting of Salyards. Tickets are $22 for adults, $11 for students 13 and up, and $5 for children 12 and under, and can be purchased easily and securely here; no fee is charged and tickets will be held for you at the door. Tickets can also be purchased at The Other Store in Tamworth or by calling 603-323-8104. While you're waiting for the show to roll around, you can see video of Gráda below (check out the stepping on "Shock On"!), and listen to them on their MySpace page.

This show is made possible through the generous support of season sponsor Silver Lake Home Center, presenting sponsor Meredith Village Savings Bank, event sponsors American Residuals & Talent and BEAM Construction Associates, co-sponsors Independent Color Press, Montauk Financial Group, New England Bookkeeping, and media sponsors Magic 104FM and 93.5 WMWV and The Conway Daily Sun.