Mountain Top Music Center's Faculty Recital: Faculty Folk Fancy

Our friends at Mountain Top Music invite you all to Faculty Folk Fancy: An Afternoon Concert of Folk-inspired Music, Carefully Arranged.

Composer and Pianist Enrique Granados

What differentiates a folk song from a "classical" piece of music? On Sunday, March 1, at 4:00 p.m. Mountain Top Music Center's faculty explore this question by presenting a concert book-ended by quintessential pieces of each genre—and with a rainbow of pieces falling somewhere nearer the center on the continuum that runs from folk to classical. Seth Austen will anchor the folk end of the spectrum, performing on mandolin and fiddle. One piece he will play is an original tune after the style of Klezmer songs titled "Klezmer Lullaby." He will also play a Larry Ungar tune, "Meditation on the Thin Space at St. Paul's Chapel," composed in the folk idiom. The version Seth will present epitomizes the way songs typically move from the folk genre to the classical world; it was arranged by MTMC violinist Chris Nourse. Doris Henney and Chris Nourse anchor the classical end of the spectrum, presenting a sonata originally composed for two flutes, but performed on violin and flute with Ellen Schwindt accompanying Doris and Chris on piano. One set of pieces on the program reflect a particularly fertile practice of composers the world over: Enrique Granados composed his Spanish Dances to reflect the character of different regions of his native Spain—but without using actual folk melodies. The pieces certainly capture a folk style in their rhythmic character; they are charming and beautiful without being overbearing in the least. Another set on the program, to be performed by all the players, presents a set of songs by the Irish composer O'Carolan. It is rumored that O'Carolan, who lived from 1670-1738, met Archangelo Corelli and that is why his tunes show some resemblance to pieces from the Italian Renaissance. The public is invited to this concert featuring Mountain Top Music Center faculty at Salyards Center for the Arts, 110 Main Street, Conway Village, New Hampshire with a suggested donation of $10.

Mountain Top Music Center presents a diverse array of concerts and programs to delight audiences of all ages; its faculty teaches more than 300 students—from infants to senior citizens—each semester. For more information about Mountain Top, including musical instruction, please call 603-447-4737, e-mail, or visit us online at