New website—WELCOME!

The Arts Council of Tamworth is excited to unveil a new website at the old address, (HERE!), and invites everyone to explore and comment.Visit the new site to get information about all of ACT’s upcoming performances, children’s programs and films, to find video or audio of visiting performers and links to their websites, to buy tickets and find out how to volunteer for ACT, to link to the sites of many of ACT’s sponsors, and to find out how to become a sponsor yourself. You can also see photos from old shows, and as the site continues to evolve more audio and video archival material will be added. The new site uses the blog software WordPress as a CMS—a content management system—and the theme “Neoclassical”, designed by Chris Pearson, and is written (mostly) and edited by Juno Lamb. Thanks to the tireless efforts of ACT board member and tech genius Dennis Quinn, the random rotating image header is now filled with pictures of past ACT events and many other wonderful things happen in some mysterious location deep in the code. Thanks, too, to all the photographers, including Terry Leavitt, Lori Lenart, Belle Stafford, and Carolyn Hemingway.

Visit often to hear about the latest happenings, and please let us know if you have any questions or comments. Thank you for coming!