Arts Tamworth Executive Director Carly Goss is a self-proclaimed introvert who can't keep from diving into social situations headfirst.  A Sacred Harp enthusiast of twenty years, Carly learned to sing as a teenager using shaped-notes, and has been "singing loud" ever since.  Drawn also to cloth and tactile things, she holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Fibers from the Maryland Institute College of Art, where she learned to weave, to draw, to dye... to make.  For thirteen years she called Baltimore City home.  There she found her passion--both independently and as President of the Charm City Craft Mafia--for creating space for art & music and connecting makers with unexpected partners, audiences and venues.  Singing, weaving, and supporting her community of artists is what makes Carly tick--she also makes a mean latte and bakes a small truckload of bread each day.  Since August 2016 Carly has divided her time between her position as Executive Director of Arts Tamworth, baking loaves at Vintage Baking Company in Glen, leading Thursday night Sacred Harp singings at Whitney Community Center in Jackson, working on her Bartlett-based hand weaving business, and chipping away at the never ending renovation project she and her partner call home.

Board President Courtney Spalding-Mayer grew up visiting Tamworth in the summers and is now happy to call it her home. She teaches at The Community School, loves to hike in the Whites, and enjoys heading out into the great, wide-open world to explore and write whenever she can.

Board Vice President Andy Davis lives with his wife and daughter in Albany, in the shadow of Mt. Chocorua, where for the past 15 years he has co-directed the World Fellowship Center, an educational family camp and retreat center dedicated to peace and social justice.  His passionate avocation is storytelling, and he dreams of a day when he will be a post-carbon, itinerant bicycling storyteller. Read lots more about him at

Board Treasurer Kate Lambert is a cook, hiker, baker and knitter who lives in Glen with her partner, Andrew.  Hailing from downeast Maine, she is excited to jump into such a robust arts program and get involved with her greater community!


Board Secretary Hilary Coles arrived in North Conway in 2016 where she works as an art director at Drive Brand Studio. She began her career as an artist when she was just three, etching the earliest version of her personal logo into the side of her parents van with a stick. Realizing her talent (and hoping to spare the rest of the paint job on the Toyota), her parents encouraged her through trips to museums and galleries as well as free arts-related programs at the community center in her home town of Virginia Beach. An enthusiastic and well-versed visual storyteller, Hilary is most excited about designing for a better world and helping other young artists realize their talents.

Board Member Raetha Stoddard co-founded some of the pioneering music venues in the area, the beloved Drylongso Coffee House Productions Company, North Atlantic Arts Alliance and the Ossipee Valley Music Festival, leading the way for more listening ‘room’ options for music lovers. She was first on the local radio station doing voice overs at the age of 7 and is known today as the Voice of the Valley on WMWV 93.5 ‘music without boundaries’. Most all her work life has been spent in the non-profit sector. She is currently the executive director of Starting Point, a Carroll County agency that provides free and confidential services for victims of domestic and sexual violence. In between real work she was a hiking guide for nearly 20 years; old habits die hard so if you mention that you're looking for a local hike she’ll likely strap on a pack loaded with trail munchies and drag you off into the woods. She claims to have never lost a hiker….yet.

Board Member and School Liaison Jessie Dubuque grew up in rural northern Vermont,  where she developed a passion and appreciation for small community art and culture.  As a parent of a young child in pastoral NH, she recognized the value of inspiring and empowering the rural community through exposure to diverse cultures and art forms.  She is a lover of the natural world and shares that passion with her 6 year old daughter, Morgan.  She works as a wildlife biologist and practices sustainable living, hiking, camping and recreates outdoors with Morgan as much as possible. 

Board Member Kimball Packard has over 25 years of experience in the music industry as a concert promoter, label and artist manager, production coordinator and co-producer on a variety of recording projects.  Kimball launched Sound Advice Management in 1994 and quickly earned a reputation as a tenacious advocate for musicians. Mirroring his taste in music, Kimball has worked with an eclectic roster of nationally and internationally known artists in a variety of genres.  Kimball is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, and a founding member of the Boston Managers Group., With the help of many New Orleans-based musicians and philanthropists, he was instrumental in the launch of Trumpet NOT Guns, a nonprofit organization that provides musical instruments and mentorship for at-risk youth.  He and his wife Neysa own and operate The Farmstand in Chocorua, a B & B and seasonal farm stand, concert/special events venue. He is also a commissioner for the Tamworth Economic Development Commission and a member of the Chocorua Community Association.

Technical Director Dennis Quinn has been producing, promoting and supporting live music in the Mount Washington Valley since 1989, when he built a stage onto the front of Scarlet Begonias Boutique, which he co-owned, so that folks could hear music and dance in the street. A touring Deadhead since the late ‘70s, Dennis has been on the radio at 93.5 WMWV for 16 years, and the host of Scarlet Begonias Radio (podcast at every Saturday night for 13 years. More recently he is the founder of Tamworth Wireless, providing wireless access across the hills and dales of Tamworth. Dennis is Arts Council of Tamworth’s sound tech; he runs sound for Wolfeboro Folk and did so for the former Drylongso Coffee House, produces sound effects and provides technical assistance for The Barnstormers Theatre summer productions, designs and maintains websites, and is baker’s assistant/husband at Sunnyfield Brick Oven Bakery.