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Afro-Caribbean soul band Zili Misik is coming to Tamworth!

by Arts Council of Tamworth on September 4, 2013

ZIliPressPhoto2013.webArts Council of Tamworth, in partnership with the K. A. Brett School, is excited to present Zili Misik, the seven-woman Afro-Caribbean soul band the Boston Globe calls “one of the hottest bands in Boston,” live at The Barnstormers Theatre in Tamworth, NH at 7:30 PM on Friday, September 20, 2013. Zili Misik has been bridging cultures, generations and continents for 12 years. Reconnecting Haitian mizik rasin, Jamaican roots reggae, Afro-Brazilian samba, Afro-Cuban son, and African American spirituals, blues, jazz and neo soul, Zili Misik honors its influences while creating a sound that is uniquely its own. [read more…]


Shakespearian Idol! – an ATTP Fundraiser

by Advice to the Players on August 20, 2013

Back by great demand on The Barnstormers stage . . .
Advice To The Players’ 2013 Fall benefit . . .
Shakespeare Meets the Musical Madness of the 21st Century in . . .

Shakespearian Idol

You be the judge!

Come see Romeo serenade Juliet in 21st century song, and much more!
Listen to the Judges Wax Poetic on Contestants’ Best Efforts!
Witness the Winner’s Delight!

On Saturday, October 19th at 7:00 P.M. contestants will gather at the Barnstormers Theater in Tamworth to compete for prizes in Shakespearean Idol! a fall benefit for Advice To The Players. You, the audience will help decide who rates the fame and fortune, and stuffing the ballot box is encouraged!

Shakespearian Idol was a huge hit last year! Inventive Scene-and-Song Pairings in the competition included:

  • Lady MacBeth’s “Screw your courage to the sticking-place” paired with “Man I Feel Like a Woman” (Shania Twain)
  • Titania and Bottom, “What angel wakes me from my flowery bed?” with “It’s Now or Never” (Elvis Presley)
  • Mercutio’s Queen Mab speech, with “A Whiter Shade of Pale” (Procol Harum)

Whatever will the contestants come up with this year? Come and see! It’s sure to be a wild time!

Celebrity judges will be announced soon!

Want to do more than watch and vote?

For a chance to take to the stage and make your own Shakespearean Scene-and-Song Pairing, send an email to [email protected] or call 603-968-7952. Limited performance slots! Contact us soon!

Saturday, October 19th, 7:00 PM
The Barnstormers Theatre, Tamworth, NH
$10 suggested donation