The unbelievably cool and fabulous Verónica Robles has the ENTIRE audience dancing on this one, not just the volunteers on stage. Mariachi loco! This performance was the final event of a several day artist residency in which Verónica taught dances from around Latin America to every child in a K-8 school and to community members of all ages, funded in part by a NEST grant from the New England Foundation for the Arts.

The fabulous Los Sugar Kings in concert at a K-8 school. They were received with joy and delight. Every student in the school had a chance to learn about Cuban rhythms and learn first salsa steps from Patiño Vázquez in the day and a half preceding the concert.

Yiddish dancing during a residency with Wholesale Klezmer Band.

Kindergartners learn to dye beautiful fabric for flags during an Arts Council of Tamworth school- and community-wide artist residency with Mark Ragonese. The first fabric is unfolded!

In the final sharing of Arts Council of Tamworth's spring artist residency with poet Verandah Porche, students read and perform a poem. I love what they've done here: the poem is written in a form called a pantoum, with repeating lines, and these students have shown us the repeating shape of the poem with both words AND movements.

Clarinets for Conservation play the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)," arranged by Mark Fugina, at an Arts Council of Tamworth performance at the Tamworth Congregational Church. Quartet members are Michele Von Haugg, Debbie Larsen, Ian Tyson and Mark Fugina.

Learning the song before building in layers of rhythm and dance. Arts Council of Tamworth workshop with Kera Washington of Zili Misik at The Tamworth Lyceum.

A student solders his star during a school- and community-wide residency with math artist Hans Schepker. Students' stars within stars will be formed into a large dodecahedron.

elizabeth! performs "Memphis Mix-Up" from the album Brainchildren with Fred Haas on piano, David Westphalen on upright bass, Tim Gilmore on drums, and the audience on backup vocals.

A student designs and needle-felts an individual piece with focus and determination during a school- and community wide residency, "Painting with Wool," with artist Marcy Schepker..

At a culminating assembly for the whole school and community, teacher, trombonist, vocalist and songwriter elizabeth! and her students share some of the work they did together during a weeklong artist residency at a K-8 school in New Hampshire.